My recommendations for fanfics:

Summary yay:

  1. Sherlock (BBC)
  2. Sherlock (BBC) AUs
  3. Thor (movies)
  4. Thor (movies) AUs
  5. Supernatural
  6. Supernatural - Destiel AUs
  7. Post - Avengers AUs
  8. Hiddlesworth
  9. Others


1. Sherlock (BBC):

Alone On The Water by MadLori

Desert, Desire, Deserve by Shinigami Rumbleroar

Final Hours by bendingsignpost

Given In Evidence by verity-burns

Last Words by prettyarbitrary

Missing by dramatis-echo (incomplete)

Prodigal by doctorxxxmaximus

SCREAM Your Heart Out by raven612

The Infiltrate - series by

The Road Less Traveled by verity-burns

The Road Trip - series by stupid_drawings 

To Sleep, Perchance To Smother Your Flatmate With A Pillow by Linpatootie

We Go Anywhere But To The Ground by geordielover

We Were by dramatisecho


2. Sherlock (BBC) AUs:

1983 by dramatis-echo

Adolescence by dramatisecho

Common Grounds by couchbarnacle

Evidence Of Human Life by thesardine

I Used To Be Fearless by Elster

In A Heartbeat by dramatisecho

School For Scandal by rubberbird


The One You Win by TheUniverseWillSing

There Was A Boy by dramatisecho

Where I Cannot Find You by withoutawish


3. Thor (movies):

A Lazy Day by kiyala

Ale To The King by glayish

A Life’s Story by Thorki_ed

And The Experience by Chipper_Daily

An Unspoken Night by Thorki_ed

A Ripple In Truth by Thorki_ed

Behind The Stars by illwynd

But You Promised by Thorki_ed

Breaking by kiyala

Brothers by Squeegee

Final Minutes by ashadowslie

Forsaken by Hel

Imprint by fio

In Plain Sight by dreamlittleyo

It’s Fandrall’s Idea, Really by Dillian

Know Your Place Trilogy - series by DaNiCkStEr666

Loki, My King by Thorki_ed

Never Hide by CalamityCain

Of Promises Broken by S_assgardian

On The Eagle’s Wing by illwynd

Right For You by anon (Thor kink meme)

So They Say It’s Pleasure But It’s Pain by mabulatious

Three Butterflies by thefirstwhokneels

Torpor by ambersagen

Turn by kiyala

Until It’s Gone by kiyala

We Are Young by OneWhoSitsWithTurtles

Wide Open by stereobone

Worse Than I’ve Ever Been by kiyala


4. Thor (movies) AUs:

Absolution by Sijglind (incomplete)

And On A Fine May Morning by illwynd

Blessed Are The Forgetful by rocknrolljunkie989

Ciders In Spring by black_nata

Fateful Spell by Dukas

Happier Days by Miss_L 

He Dreams Of Red Blue And Gold by thanatopis (incomplete)

His Scarlet Ibis by Canute

I’m Waiting For That Setting Sun To Burn Me by milky_haven

Laufey’s Greatest Treasure by Thorki_ed

Lost Brother - series by thunder_from_asgard

Melting Snow by niet van steen (Thor kink meme)

My Prince by Thorki_ed

Of Monsters And Men by thefirstwhokneels

Res Judicata by dreamlittleyo

The Only Thing by kiyala

The Sound Of Storms - series by doctorkaitlyn

We Spent Our Darkest Days Howling At The Moon by stereobone


5. Supernatural:

5 Times Dean Was Confused And One Time He Still Was by Vhanstiel

Adaptabily In The Species by bloodymack21 (incomplete)

Adventures In Falling - series by driverpicksthemusic

And Then We Wait by anglophileprussian

A Night Off At Bobby’s by Wallothet

And I Shall See His Glory by Luciel89

Borrowed Moments by YukiRiikus_Reading_Room

Cas and the Craddle by dontcryMasha

Candy by natashawitch 

Cat and Mouse by BadWolfBeauty (incomplete)

Castiel’s Journey by MissCockles

Chains and Handcuffs by Lyrial 

Charlied by cometchained

Common Courtesy by luckysilverbell

Creatures in the Sadness by IlliterateUnicorn

Dean’s Babysitting Hell by afaithfulwriter890 (incomplete)

Demon’s Salvation Or Father’s Damnation? byb ChaosComix (incomplete)

Double Dean by Wallothet

Drowning by EndlessRain

Entrances And Exits by Betabelle (incomplete)

Every Last Prayer by Amethystina

Exogenesis (A Symphony In Three Parts) by sherlockthecockblock

Forgetting Dean Winchester by Astizya

Forgive Me (I’m Trying To Find) by lacecat

From Profound To Divine by NagakuTsuzukuYami2 (incomplete)

Fur And Feathers by elizaye

Get Bent by thequeergiraffe

Heat by dontcryMasha

Hello, Hope You’re Listening by insufficientemotionalfunds

House Of Leaves by takemylovedowntoviolethill

How To Take Care Of Angels And Little Animals by remivel

How We Got Here by iDiru

I Don’t Know What Love Is by Marvel_Patronus1

I Will Remember You by allfordean

In Blue Eyes by Astizya

Just In Time by anglophileprussian

Just More Of The Same Verse - series by outpastthemoat

Legacy by Sonora

Lessons In Youth by maraudersgirl47

Make You Mine by Honey_Bee80

Mine by Maknatuna

Monster at the End of Our Tunnel by PureAU 

My Broken Angel by Luciel89 

Of Souls And Bodies by YukiRiikus_Reading_Room

Seeing Green by Boog (incomplete)

Sleep In Heavenly Peace by WinterSky101

Struck By Lightning by Maknatuna

Stupid Cupid (You’re A Real Mean Guy) by thejigsawtimess

Silent And Still by The disreputable writer

That’s Just The Way It Is by TheWife (incomplete)

The Cat, The Witch And The Wardrobe Without The Hex Bag by Marvel_Patronus1

The Colour Of The Sky by giraffewithstripes

The Demon’s Progress - series by solomonara

The Green Eyed Monster by bellacatbee

The Mind Is A Fragile Thing by darkforetold

The Monster Inside by MarmeLady_Orange

The Mute!Cas verse - series by Princess_Aleera

Toying With Dean Winchester by Allypopx

Waiting For Me Upstairs - series by EndlessRain

Withering by takemylovedowntoviolethill


6. Supernatural -Destiel AUs:

001 by fitzgeraldd

A City in the Sky by casper (incomplete)

A Knot Of Problems by im_an_idjit 

All Hallow’s Romantic Evening by dolly_dagger87

All The Little Pranks by onespeciesshort

Alone Together by castielslashdean 

Alpha Omega by the0voice0from0above 

Angel Baby by VioletHyena 

Another Brick In The Wall by Psammead

A Thousand Years by Vampyre1412

A Very Clichéd Romantic Comedy by casstiles

Baby, You’re Mine by SailorChibi

Bad Memory by anoradh

Blondie And The Grump by shlaura (incomplete)

Blue Bloods by destieljunkie

Blue Collar Man - series by aislingdoheanta

Boys Will be Boys by im_an_idjit 

Bunny Ears by the0voice0from0above

By The Dark Of The Moon by r2metoo

Cassy Baby - series by preyforme (dean/anna/cas with cas as a baby)

Castiel’s Secret by NarcissisticPrince (incomplete; destiel and sterek)

Chasing Your Shadow by Maknatuna

Child’s Play by avidlie

Chipped Rocks And Wilted Flowers by wherenonagoes

College kids - series by you_idjits

Come Back To Me by Luciel89 

Come Back To Me by weesynthpixie (incomplete)

Croatoan ABO ‘verse -series by addictcas

Crowley’s Angels/Bonnie & Clyde by MamaWantsDestiel (incomplete)

Cynophobia by destieljunkie (incomplete)

Dirty Little Secret by angelwingsandthings (incomplete)

Do Not Touch by castielanderson

Don’t Lose Touch - series by spartasaurus

Don’t Make It Bad by deadpai

Dreaming Is Better Than Life by dreamofflight

Eating Out by tangowhiskey (dean is a maniac if you squint a little)

Entrances and Exits by Betabelle

Familiarity by Likhoradka (incomplete)

Flour In Your Hair by cassiewrites

Following Your Scent by Zacia 

Good For Daddy - series by The_green_eyed_fictionista

Heat, Hormones and Confined Spaces by emjonsson 

I Don’t Want To Go Back Alone by lunalongbottom2448

I Hear You - series by Tamabonotchi

Styles and Pies by Oblivionx 

I’ll Be Fine by Samandrielwasgood (incomplete)

In The Garden Of Your Love - series by MooseFeels

It’s The Great Destiel Shipper, Sam Winchester by thejigsawtimess

Jailbait - series by Ivy_Brooks

Just Give Me A Reason - series by elizaye

Kookie Cassie by evilsafoot (incomplete)

Loving You - series by CreatureDestiel

Mirror-Verse - series by Mirror_Verse

No Place Like Home by MothMeetsFlame

Not All Omegas Are The Same by FiveFootFrankie

Not Really Gay Chicken But Sort Of by grimCapitalist

Not Your Typical Victim by LucifersHitman

One Day At A Time by wherenonagoes

Operation Little Red Riding Cas by Maknatuna

Our Song by Erinla (incomplete)

Paper by paintedbutton

Parting Ways More Than Once by wherenonagoes

Please Fix It For Me by NotFlyingWithOtters (incomplete)

Redribbon Foxes by Liquid_Thought

Red Paintings In A Porcelain Canvas by Rhosymedre (incomplete)

Remember Me by myladyrose

Scars On Our Hearts by Liz_Night 

Scatter The Ashes by (incomplete)

Show Me How To Love by universalromance (incomplete)

Side by Side by thejigsawtimes (incomplete)

So Glad We Made It by scaramouche

Starlit Eyes - series by carryon_waywarddaughter

Stay by lemonoclefox

Take Your Medicine by MothMeetsFlame (wincestiel - dad!Dean and son!Cas)

That One Human AU - series by prodigaldaughter13

The Angel by Des_Troya (incomplete)

The King of Hell and His Twink by

The Right Side Of The Law by elizaye

The Three Topper by Anonymous

The Wolf, the cop, the car by Trekiael

Truly, Madly, Deeply by katiepocalypse

Tulips by Mazoodle

Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right But Three Rights Make A Left by the0voice0from0above

Up by Kamaevis

Waterlilly Lane by destibelle (incomplete)

We Built This Love On Crushed Remains by cassiewrites

Wedding Bells And Black Lapels by hop_in_my_moricarty (incomplete)

Wouldn’t It Be Nice? by Wayward_Daughter 

Young Idiots !Verse - series by Fawkes


7. Post - Avengers AUs:

As The Waves Break by black_nata 

Athelas by astolat

Burning Up by Thorki_ed

By Your Side: Immortal Or Mortal by Amledo

Devouring The Sun by black_nata

It Was Never My Intention by Thorki_ed

Loki Is Sorry Cakes by anno_Hreog

One More Year In Asgard by chubbychoco

Pale Green by Guardian (incomplete)

Revelations by astolat

Someone You Once Knew by restlesspuppy

The Dream Of The Apples by Guardian (incomplete)


8. Hiddlesworth:

A Place To Belong - series by Bjomolf

Catalyst by fitzgerealdd

Cupid, Step Aside For Twitter by Hiddlesworth_ed

Drop It Does Eyes by rangerdanger

Even Landlocked Lovers Yearn by brodinsons

Everyone Deserves A Happy Ending by insouciant

Hot And Cold by MermaidMelo

I Accidentally Hiddlesworth by dizbil

More Than Perfect by homesweethomicide13

Roommates by homesweethomicide13(incomplete)

Stay Gold by Fujoshi (incomplete)

Taste Of Cherry by rangerdanger

The Start Of A Bromance by coconut_and_metal 


9. Others:
50 Shades Of Thorki by Thorki_ed (incomplete)

A Different Kind Of Father by Smim (BBC Sherlock + Thor 2011)

Affinity by Schmuzz (Assassin’s Creed + Prototype)

Day Out With Benedict Cumberbatch by Detective In Training (Reader going out with Ben)

Dean’s House by asstiel (Supernatural related)

Having My Baby by preyforme (Supernatural related - Deanna/John)

One Letter Too Late by rottingseams (Thor related)

Thorki Collection by Thorki_ed (Collection of Thorki ficlets)


I found these both at the same time and I’m dead now

Love, Your Dean Winchester by sherlawkward

Sincerely, Castiel by nameru

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